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We disseminate alternative and critical thinking within the framework of social work and education. We share information, best practices and local experiences from different European and global contexts.

We believe in building a collective knowledge based on practical experiences, mutual listening and sharing. We offer a cross-sectional training, remaining outside of institutional frames: we aim to develop a collective consciousness about issues, methodologies and approaches that we believe are essential for making a change within the actual practice of community work.

We use a feminist methodology that allows us to question the concepts critically, as well as to expose and deconstruct the power dynamics persisting in all areas of society.

Our long-term goal is to create an extensive learning network by a platform that facilitates and promotes the horizontal interchange of knowledge and experiences between and amongst movements and groups that inhabit and operate in different territories.

Our courses provide a space for collective critical thinking. Our collaborators specialise in working with oppressed groups and use methodologies that work towards different forms of critical and collective knowledge. We work, study and read in various languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian, French, Portuguese.

We draw our path on questions, “asking, we walk”.

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